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Mehrsprachige Erziehung: Wie Sie Ihr Kind fördern

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Vassilia Triarchi-Herrmann


Mehrsprachige Erziehung: Wie Sie Ihr Kind fördern



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Triarchi-Herrmann, V. (2006). Mehrsprachige Erziehung: Wie Sie Ihr Kind fördern. Reinhardt Ernst Verlag


Where people from different nations, cultures and religions meet and live together, the children often grow up with two or more languages. For parents and educators involved the bi- or multilingual language acquisition is an interesting process. How do the children deal with more language systems? Which difficulties might occur? How can the parents react if the child is confused with the languages or mix them. How can parents and educators support the children? The book gives the answers to these and more questions on multilingual upbringing and education and it offers several tips for multilingualism in everyday life. Basic terms and explanations concerning multilingualism are described. 
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