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Das kleine Ich bin ich / Ja sam Ja / Ja Cam Ja / Ben Benim

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VHS Wien


German/Deutsch, Turkish/Türkçe, Serbian/Srpski, Croatian/ Hrvatski.


Mira Lobe (Author), Susi Weigl (Illustrator)


Das kleine Ich bin ich / Ja sam Ja / Ja Cam Ja / Ben Benim


1972, 1.Edition; 2012, Jubiläums-Edition (4 languages)

Full reference

Lobe, Mira (2012; 1.Edition 1972): Das kleine Ich bin ich. Jungbrunnen Verlag. ISBN 978-3-7026-5835-9 


Beststeller by Mira Lobe with 900.000 books sold since 1972. Since 2011 available in a multilingual Version in 4 languages – German, Turkish, Serbish and Croation. Picture Book about a loveable and headstrong creature searching his Identity.
Since Jubilee-Year of “Ich bin ich” a lot of special features available, e.g. “Ich bin ich”-APP, limited edition with Audio-CD, arts&crafts-kit and toys (see at publishers homepage).

Key words

Childrens Book, picture book, Individuality, identity, reflection, self-confidence;

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