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Vývoj řeči u bilingvních a multilingvních dětí

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Lucie Stránská


Vývoj řeči u bilingvních a multilingvních dětí




This thesis deals with language acquisition in bilingual and multilingual toddlers. Above all, it provides a deeper insight into the phenomenon of bilingualism and multilingualism. It is a qualitative comparison of children growing up in bilingual or multilingual families that use the „one-person-one-language“strategy to children who are raised with one language. In particular, this work targets typical linguistic manifestations of bilingual and multilingual children and the advantages and disadvantages of the „one-person-one-language“strategy. In addition, it also seeks to describe the individual differences in language acquisition in the context of the family and the language situations where the children are being raised. It also investigates various factors influencing language acquisition in particular children. The research method consisted of semi structured interviews with the parents of the children, observation of the children interacting with the parents, and an analysis of the parents written observations about their children´s language acquisition.

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bilingualism, multilingualism, language acquisition

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