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Výchova k toleranci a proti rasismu

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Tatjana Šišková


Výchova k toleranci a proti rasismu




Updated edition of the book provides the information needed for multicultural education in practice. The book is a great asset for the Czech society, which is increasingly opening up to the world, meeting with little-known cultures and ethnic groups; it becomes multicultural with all its problems: misunderstanding, xenophobia, racism manifested by open violence. Thus leading psychologists, sociologists, educators, anthropologists and other experts in the field of social sciences, a program of education of children and youth for tolerance and against racism, which offer this book. In the book, the authors present practical suggestions for creating model situations of misunderstandings and xenophobia. But they do not stay only in creating model situations, but also bring examples of techniques that eliminate barriers in these situations. This updated edition is accompanied by new data on the number of ethnic minorities in the Czech Republic, information on current laws, as well as new posts and insights into current theory and practice, including methodological instructions how to work with issues of multicultural education and the general difference.

Key words

Multicultural society, tolerance, intolerance, ethnicity, racism, xenophobia, ethnic minorities, socio-cultural diversity

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Šišková, T.: Výchova k toleranci a proti rasismu. Praha 1998

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