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Multilingualism Research in Spanish: Annotated Bibliography

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Laura Sánchez


Multilingualism Research in Spanish: Annotated Bibliography




The present annotated bibliography seeks to sketch a general picture of the nature and scope of the research on multilingualism supplied in Spanish. With the purpose of providing a complete overview, the papers, articles and books listed in this annotated bibliography are divided into sections depending on the focus of investigation, in spite of the absence of a clear-cut boundary between these. Sections I to IV discuss different aspects of multilingualism in the context of Spanish-speaking countries. Section V is concerned with multilingual situations in non-Spanish-speaking
countries, and Section VI makes some general remarks on psycholinguistics. The two final sections are slightly different from the others. They focus on current research on the acquisition of a third language by bilingual learners in Spain. Specifically, Sections VII and VIII discuss the acquisition of English by learners bilingual in Spanish and
Catalan, and Spanish and Basque, respectively.

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Multilingualism, bibliography, Spanish-speaking

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