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Kids2Talk – Werkzeugkoffer Mehrsprachigkeit für Kleinkinder

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TVV e.V;


English, German, Greek, French, Romana, Turkish

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Kids2Talk – Werkzeugkoffer Mehrsprachigkeit für Kleinkinder

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Project coordinator: Dr. Martin A. Kilgus
Telephone: +49-711-236-2513
Organisation: IEIE – International Education Information Exchange e.V.


01.01.2008 – 31.12.2009


“The Kids2Talk project consortium presented ten games for multilingual children at the age of 3 to 6 years. Educational experts joined the transnational meeting. Linguists, trainers and teachers, specialist for early childhood education, political decision makers and representatives from kindergartens evaluated all project products. They pointed out that Kids2Talk for the first time developed and piloted toys and games for young children for the support of a multilingual development and multilingual education at the stage of early childhood in Europe. All games are easy to use and support children’s creativity.
All games come in a big trunk box. Each game is individually packed. Games come in small boxes, in cotton bags and folders. Teachers and tutors may find valuable background information and pedagogic guidelines in a handbook which comes with the box. All materials also are available on a CD-Rom”.
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Toolbox with games and activities for multilingual children at the age of 3 -6 years.

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Other interesting information

It is possible to order a toolbox, which beside the games also contents a guideline on how to support multilingual children.
The project’s website does not work out very well – it is not possible to download the materials, to which the website gives a link. However, the site offers an overview and an explanation of the games. 

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