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Language and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms

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Coelho, E.


Language and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms



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Coelho, E. (2012). Language and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms. Multilingual Matters


This book is a research-based practical guide for educators who work with students whose linguistic and cultural background is different from their own. Illustrated with many practical examples of classroom activities, projects, and teaching strategies, the book is also an introduction to immigrant education for school administrators and educational planners in communities or regions that are in the process of developing plans and programs for newcomer students. Although the focus is on first-generation immigrant children, many of the recommended classroom approaches and instructional strategies described in this book can be used or adapted for use with second-generation children and historical linguistic and cultural minorities, such as children from Aboriginal communities in North America or children of Roma background in Europe.

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Classroom, children, multilingual

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