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Kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit: Grundlagen - Störungen - Diagnostik

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Solveig Chilla, Monika Rothweiler, Ezel Babur


Kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit: Grundlagen - Störungen - Diagnostik



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Chilla, S.; Rothweiler, M.; Babur, E. (2010). Kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit: Grundlagen - Störungen – Diagnostik, Reinhardt, München


More and more children grow up in a multilingual living environment. The book offers a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the multilingualism of children considering actual academic and scientific research.
Also readers without a academic linguistic background will find useful information on which aspects have an influence on the multilingual language acquisition and which requirements for educational science and -diagnostics this means.  
 One focal point of the book is the question how language disorders develop and show in the case of multilingual children and how the disorders are diagnosed. Many examples, reflections on open questions as well as exercises expand and deepen the statements.

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Multilingualism of children, academic / scientific focus, language acquisition and language disorders in case of children growing up with German-Turkish as their languages. 

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