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A6 - The creatures of the forest

15 minutes — depends on the length of the trip; - if it works well with your child, take as long as you want and repeat as often as you wish

Age recommendation
from 3 years on

Key words
using one language at a time, natural environment, creative role playing

Languages of the original source
This activity can be used in any language.

Materials needed
The activity can be used during a family trip to a forest or meadow, even a park. The parent should have a basic knowledge about nature.

Aim of the activity

To create awareness of using a specific language and develop vocabulary related
to nature. To use children’s imagination and fantasy.

Preparation for the activity

The parent must go for a trip with the children. The parent should have some
knowledge about nature.

  • The children can pick a role of a fantasy forest creature (e.g. an elf or fairy). But the creature should be connected with one specific language: “I will be an elf and elves only speak Russian”.
  • The children catch´ the parents in the forest and before the parent is allowed to pass they must answer some questions about the forest or place where the family is. The children should ask questions in the language chosen and parents answer in the same language. The children can ask any question, the only restriction is the language used.
  • The roles can be changed or the children can become another creature speaking another or the same, language.

Significant benefit of the activity

The children can ask questions and answers in a given language. This helps
develop the structures in that language.

Source of the activity

Multilingual Families Project