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A27 - Family chronicle

Over many days (a project activity)

Age recommendation

Key words
writing, speaking, asking questions

Languages of the original source
This activity can be used in any language.

Materials needed
paper, pencils, photo camera, recording machine or a smartphone, computer with a printer, scissors, glue, big exercise book or empty chronicle

Aim of the activity

To help the children use all languages within the family.

Preparation for the activity

Make contact with members of your multilingual family who use other languages
existing within your family.


Children choose the relatives for the family chronicle. They should speak any of
the languages that exist within the family. Then parents help to create a set of
questions and give the children the role of a Reporter. The parents should help
the children to make contact with the family members so the children can conduct
interviews with them.
Everything is possible - a written record of the interview, an audio recording,
images or video. It could it be done online, too. In a blog or wiki allowing digital
multimedia content. Than the children and parents produce a family
Tip | The family chronicle can be the basis for further conversations with
other family members, perhaps even in other family languages.

Significant benefit of the activity

This activity is complex but it allows children to practice code switching*,
which is normal (see Multilingual Families Introduction for parents). It supports
the children to be fluent in translating and “switching” from one language
to another on purpose. It helps to learn the different cultures of both

Source of the activity

Multilingual Families Project