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A15 - Worldwide radio stations

15 minutes — if it works well with your child, take as long as you want and repeat as often as you wish

Age recommendation
06; 6–10

Key words
listening, radio, online, music

Languages of the original source
Czech, Slovak. This activity can be used in any language.

Materials needed
computer, laptop or smart phone, Internet access

Aim of the activity

The aim of the activity is to motivate children to actively seek contact with the family languages on their own through specialized radio stations and programmes. This activity uses digital technology and the possibilities it offers. It shows how to appropriately use the Internet for education and language.

Preparation for the activity

Parents should familiarize themselves with the content of children and youth oriented on-line radio stations. They are very suitable for education as their programme focus on plays, fairy tales, literature, music and songs for children. These stations are often run by public service broadcasters, for instance Radio Junior in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


After familiarization with the programmes on the station that is chosen, parents
should choose an appropriate programme for their children. This should be chosen with regard to the child’s age and interests. Once the children become familiar with the station, they should decide for themselves which programmes they want to listen to. If they find the programmes interesting and attractive they will be motivated to listen to them on a regular basis. Sometimes it is useful that the children do not perform any other activity while listening to the programme so that they are relaxed and focused on the listening only, especially when it comes to radio plays. But it can also be useful to accompany the listening with a suitable and supportive exercise, like drawing. Parents should let the children express their feelings and listen to them talk about their experiences. It is very important to encourage the children to retell the story or to sing a song that they heard.

Significant benefit of the activity

This activity encourages interest in the family languages by hearing it in a natural environment and form. The activity uses the services of a medium – the radio, which is a good complement to popular media such as television or the Internet, mainly because it can enhance children’s imagination as it lacks images.

Source of the activity

Radio Junior Slovakia, http://www.rozhlas.sk/radio-junior
Radio Junior The Czech Republic, http://www.rozhlas.cz/radiojunior/portal/
Additional source of Multilingual Families project:
Find Online a collection of radio stations and program features in different countries - http://www.multilingual-families.eu, respective http://www.multilingual-families.eu/repository/for-parents/30activities/15-29 OR facebook?!