Coordinating Institution

Społeczna Akademia Nauk. Poland
It is one of the leading private universities in Poland having  20.000 students and  numerous academic staff. There are 18 departments, including Language Studies, Culture Studies, Sociology, Pedagogy and Psychology that will contribute their experience to this project.  with many specializations including language teaching. We also run Clark Language Centre (with Clark University) offering different types of language courses.
Apart from main activity the University is a significant institution of persistent adult education (LLL) offering different courses for adults.

Społeczna Akademia Nauk www.spoleczna.pl



Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky PELIKÁN, s.r.o., Brno, Czech Republic

Founded in 1999, Language School PELICAN is a major language school in Brno, Czech Republic. It is the only private language school in Brno with State Exam Accreditation from the Czech Republic Ministry of Education. The school has had a direct impact on the quality of language education not only in the Brno region, but also in the Czech Republic as a whole.

Language School PELICAN provides in-service training for teachers who specialize in adult languages students.

Language School PELICAN www.skolapelican.com


Kindersite, London UK
The Kindersite is a company (SME) in the United Kingdom. The Kindersite has the experience in initiating, strategizing, and playing a critical role in 24 EU projects. The primary role of the Kindersite in projects is in producing innovative and effective wide-scale dissemination strategies and completing them. They have a wide-understanding of the role and contribution of technology in education, and language education.

Kindersite http://www.kindersite.info


The Mosaic Art And Sound Ltd.
The Mosaic Art And Sound is an education provider operating both in the United Kingdom and at international level. It was founded in 2003 and is based in London, UK.
The Mosaic’s focus is in the field of education and culture through services and projects with education and social purposes. It develops its activities by:
  • Delivering seminars and in-service training internationally
  • Organizing and promoting cultural events, festivals and music recordings
  • Liaising with European organizations to promote educational services through  best   practices to enhance intercultural dialogue
  • Designing and delivering innovative workshops for the European school systems with the involvement of curriculum experts
  • Research into music, the arts and language learning   
  • Participating in European Union projects in education and culture

The Mosaic Art And Sound Ltd. www.mosaicartsound.com


Thüringer Volkshochschulverband e.V. Jena, Germany
The Thuringian Association of Adult Education (TVV e.V.) is the regional umbrella organization of the 23 adult education centres (Volkshochschulen) located in the communities and major cities of Thuringia. The adult education centres are tied to the communities and free cities and as such the communities and cities are our members. The adult education centres offer courses for yearly more than 100.000 learners. They employ almost 4.000 teachers and trainers. The TVV e.V. has currently 14 employees.

Thüringer Volkshochschulverband  www.vhs-th.de


Wiener Volkshochschulen (VHS Wien), Vienna, Austria
Die Wiener Volkshochschulen (VHS Wien) are the biggest adult education provider in Austria and are present in 50 venues all over Vienna. 16 Volkshochschulen, 8 specialised institutes and 14 event locations make an important contribution to living together for Vienna’s inhabitants. It is the task of VHS Wien to make education easily accessible to everybody.

VHS Wien, www.vhs.at