Multilingual Families is an international project for:
  • Multilingual families
  • Immigrant families
  • Parents, teachers, children and stakeholders
that helps parents bring up their children multilingually.

It is a European Union funded education project that supports and informs immigrant or multilingual parents how and why to raise their children multilingually in an informal setting and has produced resources for:
  • Families
  • Teachers & stakeholders
  • Children 

The project answers the questions:
  • Why – should we support children’s learning and continuing use of the family language?
  • What – can we do to support them?
  • How – do we implement real language support so that they learn the family language and retain it?

The resources the project has created allow it to be replicated autonomously, including:
  • Sample guides and videos
  • A replicability pack for teachers
  • A community space for productions
  • A repository of information on how to bring up children with 2 or more languages
There is no limit to the number of parents, teachers, schools and institutions  that can use the project. (see the resources)